The group


Tzupati Orchestra was founded in October 2018 at the Bern University of the Arts (BUA). Everything began in a cosy café next to the school, when four students started dreaming of a crazy folk music band which would push all of them away from their comfort zone, as it was a repertoire none of them was used to.

The first name they chose was “Die 4 Iistee” because the homemade iced tea (« huusgmachte Iistee » in Swiss German) they were drinking was so delicious!

Later, when the two last members had joined, they all decided that “Tzupati Orchestra” – inspired by the title of one of their favorite tunes- suited them better.

Tour in Lyon 2019

They started putting on klezmer performances, but quickly decided to add Serbian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Valencian tunes to their repertoire.


The formation includes trombone, clarinet, flute, double bass, accordion and percussions. In spite of studying in the same school, half of the sextet works at the jazz department, whereas the other learns classical music. This also shows the richness of the group : the varied backgrounds of its members in terms of music or culture.

Indeed, just like the University they study at (Hochschule der Künste Bern), this band is really international. Its members come from Spain, Serbia, Germany, Italy and Switzerland!